Video Production

Sephora Explainer Video

This video was done for Sephora, a world renowned boutique specializing in the best in Skin Care, Makeup, and Hair Care products. This is the intro for a 22 minute video that was created to teach their employees how to handle Loss Prevention in their stores. The video was very well received and a lot of fun to create.

Sephora Loss Prevention Intro

Sephora's Daily Dose

A Daily Dose of good information

Here's another video done for Sephora. This time we used a character named Frank to deliver a Daily Dose of information done with humor and a lot of visuals taken from a 22 minute movie on Loss Prevention that I edited and help shoot.

Smiling Dog eCards

Smiling Dog eCards is a project that I created with Scott Angle and Alex Perez. We have been creating Video eCards for Dog Lover for years. You can see 70+ little movies on our website, Smiling Dog eCards  I have been privileged to do all the editing, and much of the music for these little productions. I hope you enjoy the site.

Dog House of Horrors

Blondie's Family Christmas Greeting

A Video Christmas Card

My associate, Scott Angle and I created this Video Christmas card the Griffith family. It was such a fun project and tribute to their family dog, Blondie. I did all of the editing and

Music Video

This is a music video that I shot and edited for the Hedgehog Swing Band. These guys are very talented musicians steeped in the music of Django Reinhardt! This was another really fun project!

the Hedgehog Swing Band in full Swing

Thanks Dr. O!!

Explainer Video for a Chiropracter's Office

This video is an introduction to a wonderful chiropractor known as, "Dr. O".  He has a unique way of working that has helped many many people in the Orange County area and beyond. The video follows Rosario through some of her treatment and her testimonial for Dr. O's excellent work.

Eddie Young, Video Guy

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