Audio Recording

We specialize in recording acoustic music, and voice overs. Top of the line mics and state of the art equipment give us great results. 

Cello & Voice

Mantras of Consciousness

With the exception of a little percussion, all you will hear on “Cello and Voice” is the intricate pairing of Eddie’s cello and Kathy’s voice.

A musician since the late 60’s. Eddie plays the Cello, Bass, Flute and percussion.  He has played a variety of musical styles for many decades, but an interest in the music and philosophy of the East took over. For the last 18 years he has been playing and recording Kirtan with many wonderful groups in LA and around the world.   “Music is my spiritual path”, he says. “For me the goal is to get out of the way and let the Music happen. When I am truly playing music, it’s flowing through me and I am a witness to it.” Music and Art have been the focus of Eddie’s creativity since he was a kid growing up in Long Beach, CA. Always doodling in the margins of school papers, and playing in a band after school, has turned into a life-long career and helped to raise four wonderful kids and five amazing grandkids. Life is Bliss… Eddie's motto of many years.  

I'm looking forward to discussing your next recording project, or live performance with you!!