Animation & Motion Graphics

Explainer Animation

This animation was created to promote the "Photography As Therapy" program at the Rancho Research Institute.

This animation shows the many benefits of a Photography program for spinal cord injury patients. It's meant to bring awareness to a very important subject.

Valentines Day Animated eCard

Here's a fun animation I did that features Scott Angles artwork and storyline.

I worked for many years with my associate, Scott Angle making eCards for dog lovers. Most of them are videos, but this is one that I animated. Enjoy, and Happy Valentines Day!!

Little Muscle teaches us how to wash our hands and stay safe!!

The very cool song was composed by my son Nick Young!

This Animation was used for a project called, "Biblical Stories in Motion"

I did this animation with Scott Angle using his artwork.

This animation uses still images and motion graphics and other animation tricks to create movement and drama. Oh, so much Drama!! :^)

Ordinary Miracles" composed by Michael Whalen

The animated characters helps to tell the story

"Ordinary Miracles" deals withe the question: "how present are you for your life"? Containing a combination of new video and animation, created by yours truly. This song attempts to create a new paradigm and standard for music videos in the new age/ambient/mindful space.

Explainer Animation for Loss Pervention Video

This Motion Graphic Animation was done for Sephora

This Motion Graphic animation explains how to deal with the "testers" that the shoppers use to sample products. They must be properly recycled so they don't show up as a loss during inventory.

Motion Graphics for Explainer Video

This Motion Graphic Animation was done for Sephora

This Animation was created to teach the employees of Sephora how to utilize strategies in Loss Prevention to keep the store profitable.

Light Bulb Guy Illustration by Eddie Young

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